Legal Medical Transcription

GlobalMed performs Legal transcription services by having the accreditation of legal transcribers that enable the legal system to function more smoothly and efficiently.  GlobalMed will convert audio recordings of court sessions, dictated notes, recorded depositions, and many other forms of legal records into written documents.  GlobalMed performs to overlap with other sorts of legal assistant professions, such as:

  • GlobalMed is distinct from court reporters and stenographers who utilize normal computers and computer programs to write out transcribed documents.
  • Drafting legal papers including pleadings and discovery as part of revising and editing legal documentation.
  • Making necessary changes to previously generated transcriptions.
  • Making ready paperwork and legal documents for filing.
  • Using cutting-edge recording technology to create an official court record.
  • Creating transcripts upon the parties’ request and using both a thorough knowledge of the court’s rules of procedure and previous clerical expertise.