"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."    Steve Jobs

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Our Mission

To provide top quality services to our clients to their satisfaction and serve the community by creating more job.

GlobalMed has been one of the leading medical transcription service providers to clients around the world for a long time now. We have been in the healthcare industry for over 19 years and our experience has given us enough confidence to handle any kind of medical transcription requests. Our team of medical transcriptionists has always been on their toes when it comes to being updated with the latest trends in medical transcription and are experts at adapting to the new trends. We are trained to deliver high-quality, accurate results (almost 99% accuracy rate) within a quick turnaround time, and provide a free trial option so that you can judge our services before outsourcing the entire project.

If you are looking for a highly accurate and quick medical transcription service provider, then you have come to the right place.

About Us

At GlobalMed Transcriptions, we believe in quality rather than quantity. By quality we mean, quality of work we produce and quality of services we provide. We have the most experienced, dedicated and efficient people and they are asset to the company. We have developed a team that can manage any kind and any amount of work without compromising on quality within given timeframe. We are committed to make GlobalMed a dream company and working tirelessly to meet our goals.

About Us

C.E.O GlobalMed

Our Founding

GlobalMed was founded by Riaz Naveed in 2007. He is a university graduate with a diploma in medical laboratory technology. GlobalMed started as a small company, but with hard work and unmatchable services it continued to grow and now GlobalMed is the biggest and fastest growing transcription company.

Dr. Sadaf Zafar

(Senior QA Editor)

As far as my experience with GlobalMed, I would say that I enjoyed working here facing all the challenges and proving my worth. I have nurtured this company and feel delighted by it being now the largest transcription company of this country. Of all the companies I have worked with till now, I felt most comfortable here and especially I am impressed by the professional attitude and being always there to help out everyone in every possible way.

Dr. Zahid Hussain

(Senior QA Editor)

I am the oldest employee in this company, in fact you can call me the “founder employee”. I have been with the MT industry since 2001 and had been through quite a few jobs till 2007 and a few after 2007, but after ten years I am still back with GMT, which speaks for itself. The contribution of the dedicated team and staff of GMT cannot be denied, but I must give the due credit to CEO Riaz Naveed whom I met on the very first day of my employment. He started and built this company with sheer hard work, commitment and most of all honesty. I cannot recall a single person who said that Riaz has been less than fair with them, which cannot be said about many employers.

Wasif Mehboob

Wasif Mehboob

QA Editor/Proofreader

It has been pleasure working in GlobalMed. I think GlobalMed adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them. GlobalMed provides attractive opportunities for growth and development. In the first place, it provides a feeling of control and competence, which leads to higher levels of productivity. I extend my heartiest congratulations to CEO Riaz Naveed for building such a great working environment. I believe that success for both the employee and the company is determined by employees’ ability to produce quality products very efficiently. The higher the quality and the more efficient work is produced, the higher the benefits for the company and for all its personnel. I am confident our best years lie ahead of us and that together we will continue to make GlobalMed a great place that it is.